About Our Township

West Bethlehem Township is a 2nd Class Township located in the southern part of Washington County, Pennsylvania. West Bethlehem Township surrounds Marianna Borough, which was incorporated in 1910, in association with the development of the community that served the relatively new mine. The township office is located at 247 Jefferson Avenue, Marianna and lies 45 miles south of downtown Pittsburgh, and 16 miles south of Washington, the county seat. West Bethlehem Township is bounded on the west by Amwell Township, on the north by North Bethlehem Township, on the east by East Bethlehem Township and Deemston Borough and on the south by Greene County.

Bethlehem Township was one of the original townships, created in conjunction with the formation of Washington County in 1781. West Bethlehem and East Bethlehem Townships were formed after petitioning the court in 1790, and North Bethlehem Township as created in 1921 which reduced the size of West Bethlehem Township.

The population of West Bethlehem Township taken for the 2010 census was 1,460, it’s area encompasses 22.42 square miles and the county owns and/or maintains 36.74 miles of road. These are mostly the smaller, residential roads, not the conduits that connect Marianna to other town. Roads such as Marianna-Lone Pine Road, Marianna-Beallsville Road (aka Martindale Road), Ten Mile Road, and Clarksville Road are state-owned and state-maintained roads.